Ashley Potter


David Potter began his journey into the world of construction and hardwood flooring at the young age of 17 when the local flooring company his father, Gary, worked at, hired him on. He continued working in the trades for almost a decade after that, deciding then to obtain his contractor’s license and embark on what is now David Potter Flooring.

DP Flooring is a true family-operated company. David and his father Gary still lay floors side by side for our clients, the way they have been for over ten years. Ashley Potter, David’s wife, and mother to their three children, handles all of the office operations and is the backbone of our day-to-day operations, our quick response times and the overall organization we pride ourselves on.


David Potter | Owner & Installer

David rarely comes across a floor he can’t save. He truly loves the transformation of what an old floor revival can do for an entire home. He constantly marvels at how the natural beauty in wood flooring serves to really bring a house alive. Restoring old floors is a passion of his that runs deep and he is so thankful that he is able to enjoy it in a town that not only he grew up in but so many of his family members before him did, too. Preserving an original floor not only extends the life of the tree it came from but it manages to capture a certain uniqueness and retain some of the history within the home, often dating back hundreds of years.

He runs his business entirely hands-on and will be involved in the project from the very beginning beyond its completion. When he isn’t meeting with potential suppliers, researching new products or physically installing floors you can find him out and about PG with his three kids and beautiful wife, Ashley.

Ashley Potter | Office Manager

Ashley has always had what felt like an “American Dream” to own her own business, the thought of doing something both as challenging and rewarding as working for herself always had great appeal. Although what she does on a daily basis is nothing glamorous, she keeps everything outside of the actual floor installations running as smoothly as possible. Between emails, invoices, payroll, dealing with suppliers, finding the best possible prices on wood and keeping everything on schedule it is actually the most stressful parts that keep Ashley going. She thrives off of solving problems and knowing it is her creative solutions that will ultimately serve to make their clients happy.

Her biggest motivation and passion for the business lies in her two sons and daughter, she loves that they will grow up seeing their parents working hard and as a team everyday, and that one day they can have the opportunity to take the company over if they wish. After work and family there isn’t much free time but Ashley does like to fit in running, hiking and trips to the beach when she can!